From the nature, the secret of eternal youth is revealed. Our products are realized by putting the healing treasure of nature as the base of our formulas.


CA’ MEDICI BIO employs Natural Organic raw materials in respect of the environment. The attention to the organic and the effects of nature benefits on skin lead us to a meticulous choice of the raw materials. In this way, their origin have to be certified and production cycle must have reduced environmental impact. Our products are certified by ICEA. They are safe, natural, with no dangerous ingredients.


We pay attention to each processing step of the raw materials we select. By choosing our product you choose a certified organic product, with no dangerous nor toxic ingredients, respectful of the environment.


Years of research and studies have shown that the silvery line left by snails have hydrating, purifying, lenitive, scar healing properties. In one word, regenerating. Its benefits on skin are obvious. By using product regularly skin will appear more compact, smooth and bright. Visibly more beautiful.


CA’ MEDICI BIO aims at offering its customers the best cosmetics products: safe and efficient at the same time, respectful of skin and the surroundings. For this reason, our formulas are studied and developed by professionals who respect strict production standards in order to guarantee only top quality products, with certified organic ingredients, with substances not dangerous to skin nor the nature.
CA’ MEDICI BIO formulas are:

  • – Manufactured with controlled, certified organic ingredients
  • – Dermatologically tested



CA’ MEDICI BIO puts efforts and passion in its products every day. It follows each step from product design to its launching to the market, as a guarantee of its proven quality.
The values we are inspired by are:

  • – SAFETY: all our products are dermatologically and clinically tested, follow quality standards and are composed of certified organic ingredients
  • – EFFICACY: formula arise from our labs by a team of skilled professionals who choose top quality ingredients with precious properties.
  • – INNOVATION: we are always in search of the best ingredients and formula for our customers to satisfy their need of safety and efficacy.
  • – ECO-SUSTAINABILITY: We are sensitive to the environment and our production process respects the nature.


Each product of the line CA’ MEDICI BIO is realized with high cosmetic quality and organic vegetable extracts in full respect of ICEA standards (the institution for Ethics and Environmental certification) for eco organic cosmetics.
Each formula contains delicate ingredients selected to embrace and protect women skin guaranteeing maximum tolerability even to the most sensitive and delicate skins.