Some given questions which may help you make up your doubts.

How to apply snail serum on skin?

You can proceed by washing the area first and applying it twice a day. Massage gently until complete absorption. The maximum result is given by using it by night during skin cell regeneration.

Does snail serum contain natural solar filters?

It doesn’t. Therefore, the use of a sunscreen together with snail serum is needed.

Does snail serum absorb rapidly?

Its texture is light, therefore it absorb rapidly.

Can snail serum be applied before make-up?

Its fluid texture and rapid absorption make the snail serum a perfect base for make-up.

Does snail serum help in the prevention of wrinkles?

Snail serum reduces and prevent skin ageing thanks to its natural capability of regenerating and exfoliating skin.

Can snail serum help fight against acne?

Snail serum contains substances capable of fighting against bacteria naturally present on skin such as the Propionibacterium which causes acne.

Can snail serum be used to remove small scars, sunspots, face discolouring?

Snail serum is a strong antibiotic that can be used to remove small scars, sunspots and skin discolouring.. it is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C which facilitate collagen reproduction and keep skin smooth, hydrated and elastic.

Are there any side effects with the use of snail serum together with other cosmetics?

There aren’t any side effects.