Inspired by nature we study and develop our formulas according to ICEA COSMOS ORGANIC guidelines.


Years of research and several studies have shown that the silvery line left by snails have hydrating, purifying, nourishing, lenitive, scar healing properties. In other words, regenerating. Its advantages on skin are obvious. By using it regularly, skin will appear more compact, brighter and smoother. Visibly more beautiful.


Cà Medici hair removal line represents an innovation itself for two reasons.
Firstly, thanks to the enriched formula with organic pomegranate and camellia oil. Secondly, thanks to the material of the strips. Cà Medici Bio Face&Body strips are made with biodegradable bioplastics obtained from recyclable raw materials, therefore totally compostable.
The line includes Depilatory cream 150 ml enriched with organic camellia and pomegranate oil (with lenitive and relaxing properties) that leaves skin soft, silky and perfectly waxed. Lastly, the post hair removal cream.