New life to recicled materials

Every step of the production chain will be listed to turn a plastic bottle into an original flower pot


Tuna cans are one of the most common waste. However, by using some creativity we can turn them into original useful objects.
In this brief article we will learn how to make a candle holder from a can of tuna.

To realize our candle holder we need:
– Some tuna cans (also of different dimensions)
– Some clothespins (preferably in wood)
– Some glasses

1- First of all, you need to remove the upper part. Once taken the lid out, wash it so you get the base
2- Put the pins around the base
3- We recommend to put the candles inside the glass to avoid the pins to get burnt
4- That’s it, in a few steps you have given a new life to an old can of tuna

It’s easy, isn’t it?

However, there are many other ways of creating a candle holder. Here is another one:

– Some tuna cans
– Some clothespins (preferably in wood)
– 1 string
– 1 hanger
– A piece of fabric to upholster the cans

1. Same as before, remove the lid of the can
2. Cover the cans with the fabric and make a hole
3. The string must go through the hole and must be linked to the hanger through the pin
4. Put the smallest candles in the cans and there we go!

These original creative candle holders can be hang to the wall.

This is really nice. What you think?