All snail serum based-products

What is Cosmos Organic?
Cosmos Organic is the European standard for organic cosmetics. A strict guideline acknowledged nationally and internationally. It has been developed by 5 main European certifying associations of natural organic cosmetics.

What does Cosmos Organic consist of?
This standards establish the guidelines to be accomplished in order to realize an organic natural product. It has to guarantee the respect for animals and environment according to international guidelines starting from ingredients until the percentage of organic and natural components as well as residual petrolatum contained in every single product.

Dermatologically tested
Tests carried out by the University of Ferrara

No petrolatum – No Parabens – No Colorings
Hydrating – Elasticizing – Exfoliating – Purifying



For all hair removal products

ICEA, (Istituto per la Certificazione Etica ed Ambientale) is one of the most important authority in Italy and Europe. It works for facilitating a social sustainable development from organic farming to the other eco-friendly sectors.

Cà Medici Bio are made with raw materials accepted from ICEA guidelines and certified Natural Organic since:

  • • They are made with raw material coming from organic farming or spontaneous harvesting
  • • Environmental doubtful materials are not allowed neither for the product realization nor for its packaging
  • • No-vegetable “risky” raw materials are not allowed. Also allergenic, irritating, or dangerous materials are not allowed
  • • They have low environmental impact, due to non-recyclable packaging
  • • They guarantee products and processes that respect health and the environment
  • • Materials satisfy consumers expectations as they take care of the environmental sustainability

Research & Development: regular search of up-to-date cosmetic formulas with active principles that express their efficacy fully.
Quality: formulas that ensure efficacy, safety and body wellness.
Production chain: we use selected raw materials coming from organic farming, spontaneous or biodynamic harvesting.
Safety: our labs collaborate with the Cosmetology department of the University of Ferrara, to guarantee the maximum skin tolerance.
Sustainability: nature is an important value for us. For this reason we realize eco-sustainable pack so as to preserve our planet.
Waste disposal: for recycling paper and plastics, throw them in their specific containers.
Animal protection: our products are cruelty free.
Made in Italy: all products production chain is made in Italy.