What Snail serum is..

The snail serum is the natural secretion left by the “ Helixaspersa” specie when moving forward on surfaces. This serum protects the animal skin from rough surfaces.
Studies have shown that snail serum is able to repair damaged tissues without leaving any mark. It has been studied that snail skin is similar to human skin. Despite both of them contain collagen and elastin, the last one doesn’t have the same capability of regenerating damaged cells. For this reason, researchers have tested the protecting regenerating properties of this resource as a human skin treatment.

Snail serum properties

Snail serum benefits have been discovered by chance in Chile in the 80s by a family of restaurant snail breeders. Despite the hard work and weather conditions, their hand were incredibly smooth and soft, with no marks nor calluses. Wounds healed fast without provoking infections or inflammations.

Studies and research have shown that snail serum contains allantoin, amino acids, glycolic acid, collagen and elastin, substances capable of fighting against the main pathological agents of the skin. Moreover, it has been shown that snails were able to resist cold temperatures efficiently. Thanks to the serum, snails do not risk of freezing nor being threatened by polluting microorganisms such as heavy metals.

Snail serum is a concentrate of active principles which are able to nourish, protect, regenerate tissues. It has lenitive and scar healing properties, anti-aging, it reduces and protects from hot and cold temperatures damages.

What Snail serum contains

The snail serum is an excellent remedy of the nature that help us maintain skin young, bright, elastic and compact thanks to the following natural compounds.

Glycolic acid restructures tissues removing epithelial tissue dead cells, conveying brightness and tone.

Allantoin is a chemical compound that facilitates collagen and elastin production which maintain skin homogeneous and elastic. It prevents skin ageing, regenerates and repairs tissues replacing dead cells with new cells.

Snail serum has antibiotic properties against skin bacterial contamination.

Collagen is a fibrous protein conveying hydration and tone to tissues and work as support to skin.

This compound conveys elasticity to tissues.

Peptides protect skin from weather conditions and prevent from skin infiammations.

Vitamin A/C/E contributes to the tissues scar healing process, protects skin against bacteria and viruses, hydrates and protects skin, prevents skin ageing and reduces infiammations.


The regular use of snail serum-based products regenerates skin from the deep and prevents skin ageing, regenerates and repairs tissues. It has exfoliating purifying properties, lenitive and scar healing. The combined action of its natural compounds ensures a deep lenitive effect, thanks to the allantoin and vitamins C and E, it hydrates and nourishes skin in the deep, preventing and reducing redness caused by sun exposure or cold temperatures.

The glycolic acid combined with elastin, stimulates the production of collagen and conveys elasticity and tone to tissues becoming an efficient anti-ageing.
Instead, with Vitaminc C and E, fight against marks signs on body and breast. The lenitive effect of allantoin and the exfoliating action of glycolic acid make snail serum particularly efficient against acne, acne marks, pores dilatation, oily skin and skin marks.


Snail serum extraction is carried out on Heliexaspersa species.
Their serum is extracted manually without adding any chemicals. After washing with plenty of drinkable water and disinfectant. Snails are stimulated gently with the fingers. This delicate step determines serum secretion. Then snails are washed again and put back in their paddock.